Ism Amazigh (Amazigh names)

Names identify us in both abstract and very real ways such as part of familial, political, religious or cultural groups.
When a people are denied the freedom to choose a name for their child as they see fit, names become statements.
The Amazigh of Nth Africa, living in places such as Morocco have had this right restricted, no longer permitted to use names traditional in their culture.

The Ism Amazigh (Amazigh names) pieces are a celebration of earth, creativity and humanity where a name, chosen by individuals is a connection to cultural heritage and a symbol of independence.

Have your own name written in the traditional script, Tifinagh.

Help preserve the cultural heritage of the Amazigh. A percentage of profits will go to the NGO Tawssna in Morocco, working to promote literacy, craft and cottage industries particularly amongst women in rural areas.
Necklace are unique & made to order


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