Ism Amazigh (Amazigh names)

Names identify us in both abstract and very real ways such as part of familial, political, religious or cultural groups.
When a people are denied the freedom to choose a name for their child as they see fit, names become statements.
The Amazigh of Nth Africa, living in places such as Morocco have had this right restricted, no longer permitted to use names traditional in their culture.

The Ism Amazigh (Amazigh names) pieces are a celebration of earth, creativity and humanity where a name, chosen by individuals is a connection to cultural heritage and a symbol of independence.

Have your own name written in the traditional script, Tifinagh.

Help preserve the cultural heritage of the Amazigh. A percentage of profits will go to the NGO Tawssna in Morocco, working to promote literacy, craft and cottage industries particularly amongst women in rural areas.
Necklace are unique & made to order

Retro crafts

I just purchased a great little craft book, 2nd hand from the huge Salvation Army warehouse in Arncliffe, with patterns, tips and instructions for such diverse techniques as lapidary, leaded glass, leather work, macrame and magic!
Exciting stuff.
I got myself a cup of tea, sat in the sun with my dogs and started to check out all the weird and wonderful retro objects I too could now make if I so desired. Mere minutes later I discovered
Check out the symbol key. Child = small person + balloon. Super cute!

Moroccan Referendum results. Is the devil in the detail, or lack there of…

Moroccan’s have voted with a resounding “Yes” in the Referendum for a new constitution, with a 98% score.

Yet of the 19 million potential voters and 13 million registered, only 9 million got to the polls. Excluding absentee’s.

So is this a revolutionary model for the Arab world or a Bandaid for a bullet wound?

This analysis on discusses the inevitable result, the proposals, the referendum mechanism itself and what it all means to the governance of Morocco.

Here’s hoping some of the initiatives spoken of are fulfilled, such as enshrining rights to free speech and gender equality, and the recognition of Amazigh as a National language.

Amazigh warrior neck piece

A brand new piece based on the Tifinagh alphabet of the Amazigh (or Berbers) of Nth Africa.

The brass script reads “Brave” on the shiny side and “Divide” when reversed to the patinated side.

I’ve been a little obsessed with tying knots of late as evidenced by the shoulder pieces and back suport of this piece. Here i’ve used a green Rayon cord and leather.

Shots from the Gallery, RAFW

A few pics from Rosemount Fashion Week in Sydney.

The stand, the popcorn, photoshoots with some of Sydneys best dressed modelling ICE from ASH necklaces and styling Saint B bags, breakfast in the VIP bar, stamping names in Tifinagh to promote the coming collection. It’s been fabulous!